A tale of two cities

Arkand has only two cities, Acrium and Zevra, which are situated on the worlds’ north and south poles respectively.


Acrium is a militarized city/base centered around a monarchy. The only known ruler is Queen Titrianna. The streets are always heavily patrolled and any crime is not permitted.
The Queen has no tolerance or patience and is widely feared and respected throughout the large city. That being said the inhabitants are inherently friendly and welcoming as crime is virtually non-existant…


Zevra is the creative innovator’s paradise. Living constructs and random experiments whirr and fly across the city. Summoned and artificially made creatures roam the streets They are bound by loose laws that are maintained and held by the Pent Council and their police Golems. They only law states that you may not experiment on anything that is an intelligent Humanoid. The people here have learned not to keep pets as they will have been snatched up in the night to be experimented on.


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